Wedding Hairstyles 2020

Wedding Hairstyles

A Fresh Look at Wedding Hairstyles 2014

Are you a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding hair style for your big day? Or are you a bridesmaid looking for a style to help you nab your own groom? Here is a list of some of the most trending bridal hair styles and accessories as well as useful tips for wedding hairstyles 2014:

The Braided Style

There was a time when braiding was seen as dated and mostly for young girls with pig tails. But today, hairdresser’s are actively creating beautiful intricately woven hair styles. A braid detail adds lovely texture to a style and the lattice work keeps everyone’s attention as their eyes try to work out how it has been done. A braid also gives a lovely framework to hold flowers or decorative pins on wedding hair.


Wedding Hairstyles

The Soft, Romantic to the Side Style

Hard, stiff or brittle styles are a thing of the past and are not popular with any of todays brides. Hairspray was used to excess in the past, but now a fine mist is all that’s needed to keep everything in place, without compromising softness and texture. Barrel curls and ‘hair roses’ are less smooth looking, and messy curls are favored over pristine ringlets.


Wedding Hairstyles

The Low Style

Having an updo for your bridal hair style doesn’t mean it actually needs to be high on your head.  Classic chignons and low buns, or more intricate versions of these looks with interwoven braids, are chic and gorgeous. These styles are great for brides who are planning to wear a veil or decorative comb or clip.


Wedding Hairstyles4

The Vintage Look

Vintage is an extremely popular theme for weddings in 2014, and wearing a retro wedding hair style is the perfect way to pull the look together and reflect the era ( 60’s – think Mad Men) being favored.   One of the most requested looks for a bridal vintage hair style is the beehive, which is a classic and completely timeless. This twisted updo is great for keeping the hair off of your face and neck. Additionally it’s a real plus if you are prone to feeling warm!



Wedding Hairstyles5

Diamante pins and clips

Wedding Hairstyles6

Vintage combs and slides

Wedding Hairstyles7

Embellished headbands

Wedding Hairstyles8


Wedding Hairstyles9

Fresh flowers (particularly Gerberas)

Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear on your wedding day, make sure that it feels comfortable and reflects your tastes.  That way, you’ll be free to totally enjoy your fabulous day!


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